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Eternal Life, Healing, Prosperity and Peace are yours through Jesus.

Divine Jesus'
Guide to Divine Healing

A book written by Ferd Sebastian. Step by Step Instructions, How to Receive Your Healing!

Click here for more information.

audioDevine Healing Audio:

Ferd Sebastian takes you on a Healing Trip with Jesus.

Click here to listen.

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Many people feel that getting to Heaven is the only Christian goal and we sure don't want to miss that. However, Jesus taught us how to be Kings here on earth. As a Christian you don't need to be sick, poor or stressed out! Let 2 Jesus show you what we have found in Christ's teachings to get the most out of your life.

It is our prayer that when you come 2 Jesus it will bring health, prosperity and contentment to your life through a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Don't leave earth without Him!

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